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Midwestern Millwright is locally owned and operated in Fort Morgan, Colorado. We offer a wide variety of industrial construction services such as portable welding, precision machining, grain bins, assembly line manufacturing, farm repair, crane services, break and shearing, media blasting, surveying, and much more. Midwestern also offers general contracting services where we can design, engineer, and build our customers' turn key projects.

Not to mention, Midwestern Millwright is Northeastern Colorado's largest supplier of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and elevator fittings.



"I pledge to our customers that we will set new industry standards in construction craftsmanship and become one of the most cost effective Industrial Contractor of this generation, all the while creating a safe working environment for our employees and yours.

Our company pledge is surety, this sets Midwestern Millwright apart from any other business.  A mission statement without a pledge is simply a company with strategic planning."

                                      ~ Coy Palmer










We would like to take this opportunity to familiarize you with our company and some of the services we offer.


Midwestern Millwright, Inc. has done extensive work in food processing, manufacturing, and assembly line plants, the dairy industry, grain elevators, metal buildings, and aluminum and stainless steel fabrication. We have a combined experience of well over 40 years. Midwestern Millwright also offers a wide variety of crane and general contracting work. With our knowledge and experience we feel we can design, engineer, and manufacture to fit your needs.


Our service is tailored to specifically meet the needs and surpass the expectation of our customers. We independently execute each project from start to finish which allows Midwestern Millwright, Inc. to maintain its high self imposed quality workmanship. We offer a one stop shop for our customers' projects because we can design, engineer, and build all within our company.


Midwestern Millwright, Inc. would be pleased to work with you in writing a set of specifications designed to fit your individual needs. As well as work with you on a time and material rate or with a bid proposal.


Don't forget to ask us about the material handling equipment and grain elevator fitting and accessories that we sell.





Coy Palmer



Jason Gary

Project Manager


I grew up in Northeast Colorado.  I had a paper route, mowed lawns and scooped snow when I was real young.  That is what taught me responsibility and a good work ethic. When I was 14 I started to work at various construction and metal fabrications companies.  I developed a desire for metal fabrication and was fortunate to work beside some very skilled people.

I was married and had a child by the age of 21.  I worked two and sometimes three jobs with the dream of owning my own business.  I accepted leadership roles and took on bigger projects with more responsibility.  I started Palmer's Portable Welding when I was 23.  I spent the first 2 years in business on the road and was able to establish a solid customer base in the local area.

I met Tim Worthley from previous employment and he did sub-contract work for me.   In 1997 Tim and I formed Midwestern Millwright.

I have also co-owned two other successful businesses with Tim in Ft. Morgan.

I am now 45 years old and truly grateful for my life experiences.

I thank God everyday for his guidance.  I also thank my family and the staff of Midwestern Millwright for my success.



Jason has worked for Midwestern Millwright for the last 15 years. He brings 22  years of experience to the industry in the areas of estimating, and project management.



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