The History of Midwestern Millwright



The Evolution of Midwestern Millwright Inc. began in 1997 by Coy Palmer and Tim Worthley. Coy Palmer was the owner/operator of Palmer's Portable Welding and Tim Worthley was owner/operator of Worthley's Portable Welding. Together they decided to become a team and formed Midwestern Millwright. They first started out in a 1,400 square foot shop. They offered a wide variety of industrial Services including portable welding and farm repair.

In 1998 they purchased their current location and upgraded to two shops totaling 10,000 square feet. They expanded their services to precision machining, assembly line manufacturing, crane service, grain bins, elevator repair, media blasting, and surveying.

A few years later they added a third 7,500 square foot shop so they could expand their metal fabrication capabilities. They purchased an Automated Accurshear and Automated Accurbreak.




In 2012 they expanded again adding a 1,200

square foot office.

Now after 16 years, Midwestern Millwright has

grown from 6 employees to 30 employees.

Coy and Tim have maintained their pride in

commitment to provide the best customer


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